Dong Van ancient town ( Ha Giang) – Architectural monuments of national art

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Dong Van ancient town located in the center of Dong Van district. The overall architecture of the houses in the Old Quarter has very similar features: Wooden pillars, with two floors (ground floor and attic); the walls are made of earth, some wall was built by thick brick 0,50m, the rafters, wood pillars are made of wood clenched the rafters, wood columns are made of wood clenched, carved wood structure picky but now is relatively unspoiled.
Yin-yang tiled roof - a type of tile characterized ethnic minority in the northern border region. With more than 20 houses dating from over 100 years in the Dong Van ancient town, it is the oldest of the Luong’s family, which was built in about 1890. In the main fair, Dong Van ancient town area becomes crowded. Here, display local products, commodities. In addition, the market is also a place of cultural exchange of peoples. The cultural activities are taking place very nicely at this, creating a focal point for the Dong Van ancient town. I n 2009, the ancient city of Dong Van is the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ratings artistic architecture Monuments of the nations.