Hue tourism in the night

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Today, visitor come to Hue be able to fully feel the vibrant exciting here:
- Enjoy the shimmering Trang Tien Bridge.
Trang Tien Bridge is the most beautiful bridge in Hue today, perhaps someone come to travel in Hue are want to walk through this place once. But if just to watch and enjoy the scenery, the tourists should wait at night on the weekends was the most beautiful.
- Listen to Hue traditional music on the Perfume River.
Hue often sad in the night but on a rainy night even more upset. Follow travel experience in Hue, on a night like that travelers should hear a soothe lullabies Hue to go the melancholy of heart.
- Walking around walking street.
In Hue, walkin street just appeared in recent years. Night Street is organized scale is Nguyen Dinh Chieu street with thousands of tourists travel come Hue and indigenous people come cheer each night. Here, you can easily select a souvenir after the tour of Hue.
- Drinking "Bệt" coffee.
When night falls, sitting in a cafe shop closed to outside visitors will surely find to be like a fish out of water and lonely. But if you choose the "Bet" cafe, then you'll feel the vibrant atmosphere of the capital of the land is inherently pensively.